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Thank you for your interest in my Chinese dumpling cooking class “KonaHouse” !

About KonaHouse

  • “Kona” means Flour which pronounces “Kona” in Japanese + House, KonaHouse.
  • Have been holding the class since 2008 in Musashino-Shi Tokyo (near JR MITAKA station).
  • I’ll teach you Chinese dumplings depends on your request!  I hope you enjoy my class!

steamed meat bun


cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.






Studied in China (carrying a flag is me)

  • Hiromi Aoyagi (Mrs.) born in 1973 in Japan, love cooking.
  • After college,  worked as a instructor for bread cooking class. Meanwhile learned bread with wild yeast and macrobiotics.
  • In 2003, moved to Shanghai China due to husband’s  job relocation and spent 5 years in China.
  • Then got a qualification of “Dumpling cooking Master” and “Chinese Tea ceremony / tasting master ” certified by MOHRSS (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China).
  • After return to Tokyo, got a qualification of  “YAKUZEN” (health food dinner with herb medicine) master.

    I’d like to fully utilize my knowledge and aim to hold enjoyable and yummy class.  I look forward to seeing you!

Lesson menu

  • English class is hold in non-regular basis.
  • All classes can be scheduled according to your schedule.
  • You can learn whatever you want, please find your favorite menu from “Basic” or “Step Up” course.
  • Please note that my English level is limited, but I do my best.

Time schedule

  • Start at 10:30, end at around 14:00 on weekdays
  1. Explain how to cook and show demonstration
  2. Try to cook dumpling by yourselves. 2 kinds of dumplings, salted and sweet.
  3. Lunch time, take your own dumpling and 2 or 3 Chinese dishes provided by instructor
  4. Review the class over a cup of Chinese tea provided with Chinese tea ceremony  and sweet dumpling.

Fee per parson inc tax (Female only)


Class situation

10,000 JPY for 1-2 person
 8,000 JPY for 3-4 person
 7,000 JPY for 5-6 person
Including lunch, Chinese tea and Recipe.


7 minutes walk from JR MITAKA station.
There is toll parking near the venue(my house)


Please send message from here or send email to “konakonahouse@gmail.com” , Thank you.